Woman Bans Sisters Dog On Her Wedding!


Bride Bans Sister’s Support Dog From Wedding Because It Will Steal Her Spotlight (Alamy)

On Reddit, a woman was reprimanded for excluding her sister’s dog from her wedding since she believes it will steal her spotlight.

The anonymous woman said that her sister doesn’t really need a service dog and that she is lying about her mental health concerns to gain ‘attention.’

In a letter to her sister, she wrote: “I warned her she couldn’t do it, she stated that she’s not attending until the dog accompanies her.


“I told her she was making a fool of herself. The animal is just not trained, and there’s nothing wrong with her medically.

She claims it’s for post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) from our upbringing. We had a really regular childhood with wonderful parents. We never had any financial difficulties or were exploited in any way.

“She is now refusing to attend the wedding and attempting to persuade family members to support her. My sister thinks I’m discriminating against her handicap, which is PTSD and anxiety brought on by a seemingly normal childhood.”

She continued by saying, “She has persuaded herself that she requires this dog’s assistance and that he is providing her with some type of therapy. The issue is that the dog isn’t a certified assistance animal. It barks and rubs up against you, slobbering and shedding hair. When it’s excited, it’ll scratch your legs.

‘The whole service dog thing,’ the Reddit user believes, is her sister’s method of ‘feeling unique, standing out. It is a way of receiving attention from people.’ “She clearly enjoys the attention the dog provides,” she stated. “For the love of God, the dog even has its own Instagram. Also it concerns me that she’ll use the puppy to divert attention away from me on the day of my wedding.

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