Ways to Prevent Pets From Hay Fever

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The season of spring arrives with soaring temperatures and pollen production from flowers, trees, and grasses. According to the Met Office, the pollen count  would not just harm people, but also their dogs. They believe that while it may seem odd, canines may get hay fever and suffer from the same symptoms as humans.

According to Dr. Heskin, the symptoms of hay fever in both humans and pets includes frequent sneezing, red itchy eyes, and a runny nose. However, another typical symptom is skin irritation, which can cause your pet’s skin to become red, itchy, or flaky. Moreover, loss of fur patches in severe cases can also be seen. 

prevent pets from hay fever
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Dr. Heskin said, “As a result, any scratching, rubbing, or nibbling of their paws, eyes, ears, lips, or other regions should be avoided.” Furthermore, he suggested ways to treat your pets suffering from hay fever. He believes that there is no specific cure for hay fever. However, a few things can be done to make your pets comfortable. 

“It’s always advisable to go to your doctor to find out if your pet has hay fever and what medication would be best for them,” said Dr. Heskin. Apart from this, medicated creams, sprays and shampoos should be used on their irritated skin. 

Furthermore, if your pet feels critical symtoms of hay fever, then some additional drugs or injections can also be prescribed by the veterinarian to lessen the discomfort. At last, Dr. Heskin believes that “It’s important to realize that skin irritation can be caused by a variety of ailments, including allergies to things other than pollen, such as fleas, home dust mites, or food consumed by your cat.” 

Some precautionary measures need to be taken to prevent hay fever in your pets. Firstly, avoid going outside when pollen counts are at their maximum, which is normally about midday between late March and September. 

In addition to this, Wipe your pet’s coat and feet gently after they have been outside will assist to eliminate some pollen.  Moreover, wash and vacuum the pet’s  bedding on a regular basis.

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