Visiting Wild Fox Befriends Kitten

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A wild fox hanging around in the open befriended a house kitten. Jennifer Rutter gets surprise visits from multiple animals. The fox itself is no stranger. Therefore, it is a regular visitor. This friendly fox loves to sunbath inside Rutter’s garden. Of course, she does not mind having the wild fox visiting her, considering it is so gentle.

The fox seems to have befriended both Rutter and her cat, Dodo. It was just another ordinary day for those two. Like always, the fox checked in. Upon seeing the fox, Dodo jumped up and greeted the fox. The fox was rather fascinated with the cat’s reaction. The fox simply made a few chirps and left.

Wild fox befriends kitten
(Image Source: The Dodo/Jennifer Rutter)

Rutter has an interesting friendship with the fox herself. In fact, the fox leaves her presents sometimes. Likewise, Rutter feeds the fox whenever it drops by. Drumsticks, a sausage and bread are some of the things she has given to the fox. She even gifted the fox a small toy car according to The Dodo.

Rutter claims the fox was curious and playful. Thus, it did not view her cat as a threat. The fox shortly left after its small encounter with Dodo. Who knows what the fox might bring as a present? It will surely come back.

Wild fox and cat
(Image Source: The Dodo/Jennifer Rutter)

Foxes are mammals which are closely related to wolves, raccoons and domesticated dogs. Therefore, this makes them a canine. Foxes are omnivores that consume a variety of things. They are opportunistic eaters that will eat whatever they can find. Berries, fruit, rodents, birds, etc. make up their diet.

Here’s a fun fact from A-Z Animals: Rabies from red foxes was a massive problem in Europe. This happened way back in the 1960s. The scientists came up with an impressive solution. They got the animals to vaccinate themselves. How, one might ask? They airdropped vaccinated chicken heads for wild foxes to eat. The plan was a stunning success and eliminated rabies from foxes.

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