UK’s Youngest Polar Bear Named, Takes First Steps

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UK’s youngest polar bear cub has been finally named! The cub has been named Brodie, which means second son in Scottish. The baby bear has already taken his first steps and was born in December last year. Furthermore, the cub was born at the Royal Zoological Society of Scotland’s Highland Wildlife Park.

UK polar bear cub
(Image Source: Zooborns)

The polar bear and his family are open for public view. However, the cub may only be viewed at limited intervals. This is important so that Brodie can bond with his mother. Moreover, the baby will not have to be overwhelmed by such a large crowd.


Vickie Larkin states that the bear is in great health. Larkin notes the bear becomes more confident with every passing day. She also notes that Brodie will act as an ambassador for his own species. This is just like all his other polar bears. Vickie Larkin is the carnivore team leader at the Highland Wildlife Park.

Zooborns reports that Brodie’s name was chosen through a lucky draw. This lucky draw ran for two weeks and raised more than 70,000 pounds. The winner of the lucky draw would receive the honor to select the cub’s name. However, they would only be able to make a selection from a list of names made by the zookeepers.

Polar bear cub
(Image Source: Zooborns)

Brian Whitehead won the lucky draw and selected the polar bear’s name. Brian believed Brodie was the best choice out of the options available. He believed the name had close historical ties with land. Moreover, he thought the name sounded ‘very Scottish’. Brian claims the name selection was perhaps one of the best things he has ever done. He further comments that it will be a life changing moment for him.

Polar bears are an endangered species that dwell in the harsh tundra. Additionally, they are carnivores who hunt their prey. Polar bears are especially dangerous for human beings. As a matter fact, there are several accounts where they have stalked human beings, being the deadly hunters they are.

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