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Twin Lemurs Welcomed by Woburn Safari Park


The Woburn Safari Park has welcomed ring-tailed lemur twins. They twins are born to parents Sambava and Berenty on 25th March 2022. The ring-tailed lemur is an endangered species. Therefore, the birth is a double victory for the safari park and lemurs worldwide. Furthermore, the primate team at the safari park has confirmed that one twin is male whereas the other is female, according to Zoo Borns.

twin lemurs
(Image Source: Zoo Borns)

The safari park’s staff sure is excited with the recent progress. In fact, they are considering Madagascar-themed names for the twins. You may have first caught a glimpse of these awesome animals in the Madagascar movie. Don’t worry if you did. After all, many are in the same boat as you. As a matter of fact, the ring-tailed lemur is only native to Madagascar.


The Woburn Safari Park is fully accredited by European Association of Zoos and Aquaria (EAZA). Therefore, it breeds animals in captivity in an attempt to restore their endangered numbers. Furthermore, the safari park supports the Berenty Project. This project is concerned with the lemur population. Therefore, it works hard to restore their numbers.

twin lemurs at safari park
(Image Source: Zoo Borns)

The park works hard to raise funds for several projects, including the Berenty project. These funds arrive in the form of donations and they are used a myriad of ways. They are used to fund vets, students working onsite and even conservationists.

The ring-tailed lemurs weighed only 70 kgs at birth. However, they will obviously become heavier as they grow up. Currently, they are busy bonding with their mother. They will only spend time away from them as they grow older. The mother and her babies can be spotted in the Land of Lemurs enclosure.

The ring-tailed lemur is an endangered species. Habitat loss and hunting is a big problem for this interesting animal. As of now, it is believed than about 2,500 ring-tailed lemurs exist in the wild. Thus, any births of this animals are highly welcome.



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