Trash Can Dog Refuses to Leave His Little Home

Oscar is a street dog who lives in a trash can. Even though the dog lives in an ordinary trash can, that can is his home. They say one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. However, the trash can is clearly the dog’s treasure here. In fact, the Lexington-Fayette Animal Care and Control was contacted about Oscar’s situation.

When the rescuers rushed to Oscar’s location, they found the dog poking his head out of his favorite trash can. Fortunately, the pooch appeared fine. Moreover, he seemed normal health-wise. Actually, Oscar was excited to receive visitors. However, the canine seemed a little reluctant to leave his little home.


The Animal Care and Control described the encounter on their Facebook page. The post called Oscar a “sweet but timid dog.” The post claimed the dog would walk up to greet one of the officers. However, the pooch would rush right back into his favorite trash can.

This was rather weird behavior for a dog. The rescuers felt the pooch must have felt safe and warm inside the trash can. On the other hand, a trash can appears to be an unconventional home. This is especially so for a dog. However, the Animal Rescue Site reports that the officers were determined to relocate the dog to a new home. Therefore, the officer earned the dog’s trust by feeding him lots of doggy treats.

It was during this time that Oscar was named. The dog’s name is a reference to Oscar the Grouch. The name seemed oddly fitting, given the dog’s attachment to his old home. Moving on, nobody moved forward to claim the dog as his own. Thus, he became a staff favorite in a matter of time! Even during his time at the rescue shelter, his dumpster diving adventures did not stop. Oscar would gain laughs from everyone by hopping right into the Animal Care and Control’s trash cans. Currently, Oscar is searching for his forever home.


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