Tiny Yorkshire Terrier Helps a Woman Detect Breast Cancer

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Karena Kirk owns a cute little Yorkshire Terrier. Bella Boo, an eleven-year-old puppy, refused to sleep in her customary spot and insisted on lying on her owner’s chest.

After jumping up and down on her owner’s chest to alert her to a malignant tumor, a Yorkshire Terrier saved her life.

Terrie helps a woman
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Over the next three weeks, the dog’s strange behavior persisted, and she even began to cry. Karena was anxious about her health when she wouldn’t stop crying, but vets certified that she was fit and healthy.

Karena called it “a heart-breaking cry,” and thought the dog was “obviously trying to tell me something.” She further said that she actually felt the lump. “And I was feeling around, and I actually felt a lump, and I was thinking, ‘Is that a lump inside?’”

Later the doctor confirmed that it was breast cancer. Karena received life-saving treatment after that, and she felt that the disease would have gone unnoticed if it hadn’t been for Bella’s acts. “I didn’t think dogs could detect cancer, I thought it was a lot of hoo-ha really, but this proves that they can,” she said.

(Image source: SWNS)

She further revealed how Bella kept coming back to her despite being pushed away by her. “Bella always slept on the back of my legs, but she kept lying on my chest. Every time I took her off me, she’d crawl back on again.”

According to the doctor, the disease had already migrated to her lymph nodes. Karena believed that is why Bella was becoming more determined—because it was spreading.

After the ordeal, the woman traveled throughout the world, realizing how fortunate she was to receive her diagnosis so early. Moreover she also revealed how Bella stopped jumping on her once she recovered from the cancer. “Once I got the cancer removed, she stopped straight away, and she started lying behind my legs again.”

This act has taught Karena a lesson that pet owners should always pay attention to any strange behavior on their part. This can save you from any unfortunate happening in the future.

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