This Vet Cures Animals For Free!

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A vet on the streets of California possesses a heart of gold. He walks the streets in search of animals that need to be patched up. Dr. Stewart Kwane refers to himself as a ‘street veterinarian’ who treats animals completely free of charge. His presence is a blessing for California’s homeless. The homeless struggle with everyday needs. Therefore, it is a far cry for them to be able to afford healthcare for their beloved pet.

vet treats animals for free
(Image Source: Dr. Kwane Stewart)

Dr. Kwane has been treating animals in need since 2011. Therefore, his brilliant track record spans over ten good years! That’s not all, he will even cover food expenses out of his own pocket. Moreover, he will do the same for veterinary costs as well.


Being always in search of animals in need, Dr. Kwane carries his medical bag with him at all times. It is almost as he is a real-life superhero. Of course, being a hero or a vet (what’s the difference, really?) is no easy task. As a result, his adventures soon started to become expensive. This led Dr. Kwane to start a GoFundMe.

The incoming donations from the GoFundMe will help the doctor cover the expenses for more costly operations. Dr. Kwane estimates that vaccines, ear infections or vaccines can easily cost $100. However, more serious operations like tumor removals or dental extractions can easily be worth $1,500. The doctor stated this to Kingdoms TV.

vet saves animals for free
(Image Source: Dr. Kwane Stewart)

Dr. Kwane has multiple stories of love and compassion to share. His GoFundMe page is a massive success. Thus, many have come forth with their donations to assist him. The doctor posted an update and stated he was “blown away” by everyone’s generosity.

Being a veterinarian is tough job. However, the reward of being a benevolent life saver is totally priceless! Thus, it definitely a worthwhile career option for those in the medical profession. The world could always need more Dr. Kwanes!

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