This Rosy Maple Moth Looks like It’s Made of Cotton Candy!

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The rosy maple moth is a North American silk moth that looks like it is made of cotton candy. No, you’re not supposed to eat it! It earns its name from its vibrant coloring. The moth has a bright yellow head. Its color becomes a blend of yellow and pink around its wings and abdomen area. The coloring of the moth is variable. Thus, no two moths may be the same

Rosy maple moth
(Image Source: Instagram)

The moth becomes thick and fuzzy when it reaches maturity. Male moths have long antennae that allow them to detect pheromones. Pheromones are airborne chemicals that are given off by females to attract males. The mating season occurs as early as March and ends in October in South Carolina according to HGIC.


In terms of size, the female moths are slightly larger than the males. Therefore, the males have a wingspan of 32-44mm whereas the females have a wingspan of 40-50mm. This has been confirmed by Save Our Green. The colors of both the sexes of the moths are not too different.

The females lay their eggs in a cluster on a host tree’s leaves. Then, the larvae are fed simultaneously. The moth itself is not much of a pest. However, the larvae can be a problem as they feed on plant life.

rosy moth
(Image Source: Instagram)

The moth goes through five life cycles during its lifetime. First, the larvae hatch and crawl down the tree into the ground. They find a suitable place there to turn into a pupa. The pupa stage alone can take anywhere from a few weeks to several months. Finally, the moth rises from the cocoon and the life cycle repeats.

The rosy maple moth does not rank very high in the food chain. Therefore, its larvae serves as food source for many birds. Besides birds, other predators include beetles and parasitic flies.

If you think this little moth is adorable, a cute plush of this moth is available on the internet! If this amazed you, you might want to grab one for yourself!

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