This Kitty Cat Throws Her Paws Ups, Leaves Fans Baffled

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A certain kitty cat has been displaying adorable behavior. Keys the cat has been throwing her paws up. The funny thing is: nobody seems to know why! Perhaps the feline is trying to mimic human beings, who knows? Maybe Keys wants to stand up and walk around on two feet as well?

Kitty cat hands up
(Image Source: Instagram/goalkitty)

Cats have been known for many strange behaviors. Most of these habits are hilarious and have definitely found their way onto the internet. Of course, this incident is no different. Keys’ owner shared this funny behavior on the internet. Surprisingly enough, this act is what turned Keys into a “pet-fluencer” according to the Animal Rescue Site.


Throwing her paws up is Keys’ main gimmick. Almost every picture of the funny cat includes her throwing her hands up. Moreover, the kitty cat quickly became an internet meme. This bizarre, yet funny behavior is what many cat owners may relate to. Regardless, there is no denying that the Key’s has made her fans enjoy a good laugh!

Kitty Cat hands up
(Image Source: Instagram/goalkitty)

Kneading is one such funny behavior that many cat owners can relate to. No, your beloved feline companion does not want to start a bakery. In fact, your cat may be following its instincts. The habit of ‘kneading’ might stem from the cat’s infancy. However, adult cats may knead to calm themselves down because they are feeling anxious.

Another strange behavior is the act of ‘spying’ on their owner. Cats will stalk and keep an eye on their hooman. This again springs out of instinct. However, there is no denying that cats are extra possessive about their faithful owner (or pet human?). Perhaps it is due to this reason that they follow their owners around.

Did you find Keys adorable? Which ‘hands up’ photo did you find entertaining? Don’t forget to let us know in the comments section below!

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