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The Mandarin Duck is One Elegant Bird

Mandarin Duck
Mandarin Duck

The Mandarin Duck is a small exotic-looking duck which is found at lakes and ponds. It is truly one of nature’s several works of art. The duck itself is a colorful species that originates in Asia. The appearance of the duck is an eye-catching blend red, orange, green, blue and yellow.

As with all ducks, there are physical differences between male and female ducks. The males possess more vibrant colors whereas the female ducks have only grey and brown plumage. As suggested earlier, both the sexes of the ducks have striking differences. The ducks are loved globally for their plumage. Therefore, zoos and some private pet owners take pleasure in keeping them. In terms of size, females are slightly larger than the males.


The duck resides alongside rivers and streams. Their habitat must also have a forest or some kind of woodland nearby. This is due to the fact that they nest in tree cavities. However, the ducks populate marshes, wetlands and some flooded pastures when it is not breeding season.

The Mandarin duck is an omnivore. This means that it consumes both plants and small creatures as a part of its diet. However, plants make up most of the duck’s diet. It consumes a plethora of plants, grains, seeds and herbs. Their diet becomes more inclined towards meat during the spring and the summer. Then they feed on insects, larvae, worms and even frogs during this time of the season.

Animals Network reports the duck as being rather aggressive and difficult to breed. Therefore, only the most skillful of breeders can breed this species of duck. According to Kingdoms TV, the duck was accidentally introduced in the West. Many feared that it would turn out to be invasive because it did not have many predators in the food chain.

The largest concern to the Mandarin Ducks is the loss of their habitat due to deforestation. Regardless, they are listed as ‘least concerned’ on the endangered species list. While they are not in any danger, their protection still has to be taken seriously.



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