Fashion Icon and Drag Queen, Princess Peach!

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guinea pig
image source: pretty princess peach

The fashion icon, Princess Peach was a skinny pig. Skinny pigs are a hairless breed of guinea pigs. Sadly he was only 3 years old when he suffered from liver failure and became extremely sick. He lost a lot of weight and eventually passed away.

He is greatly missed by his caretaker every single day. Even though she has five other skinny pigs but according to her nobody is as special as Princess Peach was. “He was my first skinny pig and had a very likable personality, he was very affectionate,” according to Ulrica.


Princess Peach Gender Reveal SHOCK! Fashion Icon journey begins..

The most funny and shocking incident was when Princess Peach was about 3 months old and it was discovered that he was not a girl.

Therefore, the name Princess Peach was given even though he was a boy and not a girl, as thought before. Hence he became a drag queen and started wearing dresses. He also became an Instagram model. A new dress was stitched for princess peach every single day.

Princess peach would wear the outfit happily and knew what he had to do, after all it was his favorite activity.

Princess peach was a real fashionista and fashion icon. He knew all the right angles and poses, absolutely loved the camera and was always up for a photo shoot session. Rest In Peace Princess Peach. We will dearly miss you!

Watch Pretty Princess Peach and his Fashionable Journey!

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