Taronga Zoo Introduces Two Red Panda Cubs

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Taronga Zoo has happily introduced two lovely female red panda cubs. These cute cubs arrived in the world on December 8th, just one day shy of being four months old.

Taronga’s Carnivore Keepers collaborated with some special partners to come up with the names Daiyu and Zeya, which signify “black jade” and “success.”


Both names pay homage to the Red Panda’s native nations. Daiyu being from China and Zeya hailing from Burma. The black jade stone’s properties include power and protection, which is a wonderful match for Daiyu. Daiyu is more vocal and even more confident at climbing trees, according to keepers.

Zeya, who is slightly lighter and fluffier than Daiyu, is physically larger than her sister and shows her power when wrestling her.

Red panda cubs
(Image source: Zooborns)

Both cubs are gaining in size and confidence every day, and are weighing around 1.3-1.5kg. “Whilst they are still small and weighing only a couple of hundred grams, the cubs are spending their time within the security of their nest box which makes for great viewing. They won’t start to venture out under the cover of darkness until they’re about 12 weeks old,” said Baldwin.

Both cubs are starting to venture out of their nest box on a more frequent basis. The zookeepers expect this behavior to continue in the coming weeks as the rain stops and the sun shines. The adorable duo is transitioning away from their mother Amala’s milk and into a panda porridge made of milk and panda bars.

Taronga Zoo has launched a red panda cub cam. Taronga’s red panda cub cam is also free, and it includes videos of the babies being born as well as weekly highlights of what they’ve been up to. So you won’t be able to watch them all day every day, but you’ll still get a healthy dosage of cuteness.

Watch this Cute Video!

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