Taronga Zoo has Welcomed Six Baby Squirrel Monkeys

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Taronga Zoo, Sydney has welcomed six baby Squirrel monkeys. The babies were born on March 31, to six Bolivian mother Squirrel Monkeys. The zoo authorities are ecstatic after the news as it has increased the population of these endangered monkeys. After the birth of these six, the zoo has a total of 24 squirrel monkeys in their captivity. This is all because of the growing brood at the zoo.

baby squirrel monkeys
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Scott Brown, Zookeeper shared this news saying, “We are so delighted to welcome these six tiny but adorable arrivals to our troops.”


He further talked about how these baby squirrel monkeys will stay around their mother for the next two weeks. “Over the next week or so, the babies will be sticking to their mums like tiny little backpacks which makes for quite a sight as their mums jump around their exhibit.”

Squirrel Monkeys tend to live in high temperature habitats. They are one of the smallest of all the primates. Moreover, they can live in groups of up to 500 as they are extremely social. Apart from this, they can live up to 15 years in the wild and 20 years in captivity.

Endangered Species

In 2021, the Central American squirrel monkeys were listed as endangered from a conservation standpoint by the IUCN. This was mainly because of habitat loss. Apart from the capture for the pet trade is also another major reason behind them being endangered. Costa Rica is another endangered species because of deforestation and fragmentation.

Bolivian squirrel monkeys are not under the threat yet. This is because the Australian government has introduced an app called, Wildlife Witness App. This application is used by Australian travelers to report any suspicious activity against wildlife animals. They can report illegal Wildlife trafficking. This initiative has in some way helped in saving the Bolivian species of the Squirrel Monkeys.

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