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Sumatran Rhino Species Born in Indonesia


Sumatran Rhinoceros are one of the rarest species which have become endangered. Since the 1980s, tireless efforts were being made so that Sumatran Rhino species can be born. A baby Rhino was successfully birthed on March 29th. This happened in Way Kambas National Park, which is in Indonesia. So far, six rhinos have been bred. This includes the recent female calf. Hopefully, this birth will ensure a bright future for the species.

The calf was born due to Andatu and Rosa’s union. Andatu, the male Rhino was born in 2012 in the Sanctuary. Whereas Rosa, the female rhino, was brought to the Sanctuary in 2005. Previously, Andatu was also born to two captive Rhinos here at the Way Kambas National Park.

Sumatran Rhino born
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The Director General of Conservation, Wiranto acknowledged the efforts and said, “The birth of this Sumatran rhino is such exciting news amidst the efforts by Indonesian government and partners to increase the population of the Sumatran rhinos.” Moreover, he was also hopeful for the promising future of the Sumatran Rhinos, “With the birth of Rosa’s rhino calf at the Way Kambas Sumatran Rhino Sanctuary, we hope this puts a new hope for us to continue hearing great news of more Sumatran rhino newborns in the future.”

This news of the calf’s birth has given more assurance to the experts. Before starting this captive breeding, they were apprehensive about the low rate of natural breeding. Therefore, later in 2017, the experts decided that the only possible option to protect this species was through captive breeding. According to the Kambas National Park authorities, Rosa had eight miscarrying pregnancies from 2017 to 2022.

The major reasons why the Sumatran rhinos have become endangered are due to poaching, habitat loss and insufficient birth. Earlier, this species was an inhabitant of South Asia, across India and China, but now, Indonesia is the last habitat for the Sumatran Rhino.

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