Spoiled Dogs Throw Tantrum When Breakfast Isn’t Served Quickly

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Two spoiled dogs from Warwickshire, England have become famous for their temper tantrums. The doggos just cannot stand it when their food is even a minute late. Frankly, this behavior is similar to human beings. Ever had those days when you are hoping to dig into your food at a restaurant when it is fashionably late? Of course, we can relate to the canines.

Spoiled dogs tantrum
(Image Source: Pixabay/Chiemsee2016)

The happily spoiled dogs throw a humorous fit against their owners whenever their food is late. Alfie and Ayra live with their owner Lizzie Colden. The dogs have become famous on social media largely because of this hilarious moment. In one TikTok video, the dog was recorded doing exactly this. This was Alfie telling his hooman that she needs to pick up her cooking speed.


In the video, the pooch can be seen aggressively pawing at his dish. Without a doubt, he was protesting the late serving of food. The video’s caption said: “Today breakfast wasn’t served quick enough for Alfie’s liking.” Then it went on, “So he decided to make his point in the most obnoxious way possible.”

Spoiled dogs late food
(Image Source: Pixabay/MolnarSzabolcsErdely)

Her owner stated in an interview that this is not unusual behavior. As a matter of fact, this behavior is perfectly normal. According to the Animal Rescue Site, Lizzie states that Alfie is highly dramatic. She further states that “he’s a massive diva.” However, this temper tantrum only happens Alfie is not fed on “exactly the right time.”

Dogs are known for a variety of funny behaviors. Some dogs may howl to assert their dominance. Others may chase their own tail, which we find to be absolutely adorable. Of course, these are only a few examples out of a long list of funny things dogs might do. Much like other animals, some dogs have been caught dreaming during their sleep as well. The world of animals is always full of surprises!

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