Spider monkey with batman markings has been born

spider monkey with batman markings

Keepers at an Australian zoo were shocked when a newborn monkey appeared with ‘unique’ marks that resembled the emblem of a certain Caped Crusader.

The black-handed spider monkey was born on Friday, April 15th! It was born in the early hours of the morning at Melbourne’s Brevard Zoo, which announced the new arrival in a blog post on its website. The zoo’s keepers stated the animal is ‘doing well, holding on strong to mum and nursing effectively. They still don’t know the sex of the newborn.


“Keepers were amazed to see the baby’s unusual marks, noticing the similarity to the Batman emblem!” said Brevard Zoo, referring to the newborn monkey’s face markings.

Shelley, 31, gave birth to the baby monkey, who is going to become a grandma

Her second offspring Tica gives birth to her own baby’soon’. Other members of Shelley’s troop have been’showing plenty of interest’ in the newest member of the family, according to Brevard Zoo’s animal care workers, who have been periodically checking on both the mother and her youngster.

“Our black-handed spider monkey family just got a bit bigger!” the zoo continued. Rochelle (aka ‘Shelley’), a 31-year-old woman, gave birth to a baby girl early on Friday, April 15.

“While we don’t know the baby’s gender, our animal care workers reported that the youngster is doing well. It has been clinging to its mum and breastfeeding effectively. Shooter, a 25-year-old male who has fathered numerous other members of our present troop, including Olive, Prim, Daisy, and Blue Steel, is also the father of the infant.

Shelley also has some mothering experience, having given birth to current troop members Tica, seven, and Olive, two. Tica, one of her descendants, is expecting her first child shortly!”

“Shelley is a pro at caring for her offspring,” said Lauren Hinson, the Zoo’s Director of Animal Programs.

Black-handed spider monkeys are native to Central and South America and are considered vulnerable to extinction, according to the zoo, due to habitat degradation and the illegal pet trade. Every baby is a “safeguard against losing these unique species in their natural range,” according to the report.

Watch this adorable video!


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