Soldiers aid a Ukrainian man in reuniting with his Beloved Husky in the bombed city of Bucha

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After becoming separated amid Russia’s continuous bombardment, a husky was reunited with its owner in the Ukrainian village of Bucha.

Soldiers Help Reunite Ukrainian Man With His Pet Husky In Bombed Town Of Bucha

After Russian troops evacuated the area, troops discovered a stray dog named ‘Nessie’ in the besieged settlement on the outskirts of Kyiv.

The troops were able to determine who the gorgeous puppy belonged to. They organised a reunion in a supermarket parking lot.


A video of the lovely moment was posted to an Instagram account for Belarusian soldiers fighting for Ukraine against Russia, and it shows the husky sprinting faster and yelping with excitement as it finds its owner.

Along with the video, they wrote: “We discovered Nessie’s dog alone during Bucha’s release. But, thanks to our pals, we were able to locate her hosts, and she is now back with them.

“We are fighting for the life of not only humans, but all creatures, as long as some treat people like animals!

The video has subsequently gained hundreds of thousands of views after being shared on Twitter.

Unsurprisingly, there was a lot of love on social media, with many people commenting on how touching the reunion was.

“I can’t stop watching,” one user remarked. For this, I wish I could hit (heart) a million times. Oh, the tales this dog could tell. It’s almost audible. “How lovely, yet so sad.”

It’s a faint ray of hope coming out of Bucha, where Ukrainian authorities have recovered more than 400 remains since Russian soldiers left.

After Russian-backed Chechen soldiers evacuated various Kyiv neighbourhoods, Taras Shapravskyi, the Mayor of Bucha, revealed that more than 300 innocent citizens had been slain by Russian-backed Chechen military.


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