Snake Bites Man When The Jar Lid Was Opened

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After being bitten by a deadly snake he had kept locked in a jar of wine for more than a year, a guy from China claims he received a severe shock.

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The guy was said to have kept a trio of venomous snakes in a jar of medicinal wine to treat his son’s persistent ailment, resorting to the treatment after other methods had failed. Snake bites man and lands him in the hospital when he opened the lid of the jar. After a trip to the hospital, the man was fortunately treated immediately and survived his bite from a deadly snake.

Snake wine, is made by marinating venomous snakes in rice wine for an extended period of time. It is thought to have anti-inflammatory qualities and also works as a painkiller.


Snake wine has been promoted as a remedy for a variety of ailments, including hair loss and farsightedness, as well as an aphrodisiac.

In many countries, it is permissible to consume snake wine, but importing it is frequently prohibited because many of the snakes placed into wine jars are endangered species.

Alcohol content in the snake wine is so strong, that it’s frequently served in shot glasses.

Scientists have looked into the whole snake wine issue. They have decided that placing snakes in a jar of wine isn’t at all medical and doesn’t help you make your own painkillers. This practice has also been deemed as inhumane.

It can also be quite dangerous. The snake can live for long periods of time and it can bite once the jar is opened. There is also the possibility of passing on lethal parasites to the person drinking it.

It’s possible that the wine container wasn’t securely sealed. This allowed the snake to survive for an unusually long time and lie in wait for his release.

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