Sloth Cubs Named, Just in Time for Earth Day

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It is Earth Day at the Woodland Park Zoo. Just in time, brother and sister sloth cubs have already been named. The male sloth is named Madhu whereas the female sloth is named Lila. Moreover, Madhu literally means “sweet honey” whereas Lila means “play”. Both of these names are in Hindi. Of course, India is one of the several countries where sloths dwell.

Sloth cubs
(Image Source: ZooBorns)

Madhu was named through a poll held by the zoo. On the other hand, Lila was named by special friends at the zoo. The siblings are born to mother Kushali and Bhutan. Furthermore, Kushali is a first-time mother. Thankfully, she seems to be performing her duties really well.


Sloths have sharp claws which grant them exceptional grip. As sloths live in trees, this trait proves highly useful for them. However, once they climb up trees, they normally opt to live in the top canopies. Sloths are far too lethargic to climb up trees. If they do fall down, they can become easy targets for predators.

sloth cubs earth day
(Image Source: ZooBorns)

Sloths are solitary animals. While male sloths spend most of their time alone, young sloths cling onto their mothers. Only after they mature, do they spend time on their own. As implied by their name, sloths are incredibly slow. In fact, they are so slow that moss accumulates on their bodies! Therefore, they are the slowest animals on earth. We wonder who would exactly win in a race? A sloth or a turtle? If that were an option, we would bet our money on the turtle. This simply goes to show how slow the sloth really is.

Since they were born, the sloth cubs have been absent from public view. Additionally, they are living in an off-view maternity den. However, they do come out into the open from time to time. They will do this more often as they grow older.

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