Skinny Pigs: Facts about these little guys!

skinng pig
Image source : pretty.princess.peach

Skinny pigs are a hairless breed of guinea pigs. They have hair only on their feet and nose. They have different colors which are Chocolate, silver, golden, white, lilac and cinnamon.

All skinny pigs seem more energetic then the hairy ones. It was thought they live “faster“ in many ways meaning, they eat more, poop more, they are more energetic, more loving but unfortunately, they seem to have a shorter lifespan than the hairy ones.


Skinny Pigs Diet Plan

They need fresh water with extra vitamin C every day, a lot of hay, pellets and fresh vegetables in their diet.

Overall, it is considered that paprika is their favorite, or kale. But they gladly munch all vegetables and fruits in small amounts and enjoy it a lot.

It is ideal that avocado and onions are not given to them in their diet as it can be poisonous for them.

Skinny Pigs Health and Grooming

It is very important that they not are alone, as they get depressed. In Sweden there is a law which states that you must have at least two if you own a guinea pig.

The most time consuming part of raising a skinny pig is the cage cleaning. The cage cleaning process has  to be done atleast twice a week.

They have large patches of bald skin, hence they can get easily damaged from the sun. This also makes it harder for them to regulate their temperature. They’re prone to having dry skin and being infected with mites.

Fleece bedding in all of the cages is very important but that also requires a lot of washing machine rounds and might get hectic but it is necessary.

They aren’t nocturnal hence they should be maintained in an area where they can watch the sun rise and set naturally.

Skinny Pigs are larger after birth, breeding them is a little more challenging than breeding conventional guinea pigs.

They even have larger litters, which means birth difficulties are more common. The very first pregnancy is frequently the most difficult, but all of them are a bit of a gamble. 

According to some estimates, 20% of female guinea pigs will die throughout the pregnancy and birthing process.

However, skinny pigs are truly adorable!

guinea pigs
Image source : pretty.princess.peach

Princess Peach is the cutest Skinny Pig! Watch this video!


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