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Shelter Dog Too Big To Be Adopted!

Shelter Dog
Shelter Dog

Rudy is a shelter dog who is truly a larger than life figure. He was a stray dog who was received by the Montgomery County Animal Services. Rudy was rescued three years ago. Luckily, the massive canine found what he believed to be his forever home. However, he ended up as a stray again. Therefore, he was rescued by the same shelter yet again.

It seems the dog will be staying at the shelter for a while. Suzanne Hollifield states that nobody is interested to adopt him ever since he went back. Hollifield is the foster care co-ordinator at Montgomery County Animal Services. According to The Dodo, most feedback regarding the dog states either that he is ‘too big’, ‘too old’ or ‘he sheds a lot’. Whether it is Rudy or any other pet, being a pet owner is a big responsibility. We believe these remarks about Rudy are too harsh.


Of course, Rudy is a big boy (literally!). Therefore, he needs plenty of room to run around in. Hollifield states that Rudy needs more activity than the usual due to his size. She recommends a home with a fenced yard. Moreover, it will be best if he is around people who enjoy walking.

Moving on, Hollifield claims all of Rudy’s downsides are actually his “upsides.” While Rudy is big, there is plenty of him to cuddle with. His mature age means he has already been trained. Furthermore, he will be excited to fit into any new family. Seriously, who wouldn’t want a dog as polite as Rudy?

Rudy is 6 years old. While he is all grown up, he is a perfectly healthy dog. Rudy is very friendly and loves to interact with other dogs. He enjoys going out on walks and going for car rides. The dog is a bundle of joy as big as himself. All Rudy needs is a caring family to share the love with him. We hope Rudy finds his forever home soon.



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