Sheep Relieved of 18kg Overgrown Fleece After Three years

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Shrekapo, a merino sheep, was captured in New Zealand. At the time of capture, it was covered with massive fleece. Which now have been removed. Therefore the sheep is now 18.6 kilograms lighter following its first shave.

Shrekapo was named after the legendary sheep Shrek. He was discovered with a 27kg fleece after six years on the run in 2004.


Last week, Shrekapo was discovered hidden in the rocks and eventually caught carrying over half its body weight in wool. Gavin Loxton, owner of Sawdon Station at Lake Tekapo, believes the animal has been roaming the highlands alone for the past three winters.

The newly shaven Shrekapo
(Image source: George Empson)

Loxton said, “He had been spotted up there before by rabbiters and Tahr hunters, and had probably had about three sightings, but any time we had been up there to get him, nobody had been able to find him.”

The four-year-old is the latest in a long line of elusive sheep with overgrown fleeces. Previously, Chris, Shrek, Ewenice, Baarack, and Shaun the Sheep were on the list.

Loxton owns a sheep farm with 5,000 sheep. At first, he did not know how Shrekapo got a hermit sheep. It had been ear-marked and tailed, which includes cutting the tail to lessen the risk of being stung by a blowfly. He said, “After tailing, we took the lambs back out… when we brought them all back in for weaning, he must have been left up there alone.”

The sheep had roughly 40kgs of wool on it. Which was nearly half of his own body weight. Therefore, Loxton thought to shear him at the Easter Monday farmer’s market. Hundreds of locals watched this satisfying spectacle. Moreover, when Shrekapo was relieved from the fleece, almost 14kg of it was clean wool. Which could be used for making cloth.

Loxton believed that Shrekapo seemed happy after looking around after a long time.

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