Seven Piglets Born at the Amersfoort Zoo

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Amersfoort zoo is extremely happy to welcome seven piglets born. Their mother Liv gave birth to her first litter. The caretakers are really happy about the birth. One of the zookeepers said, β€œIt is always exciting how the delivery goes and how Liv reacts to her new offspring.” The news of the birth was shared on the official Twitter handle of the zoo.

The caretakers also explained the pig’s gestation period. Which is normally three months, three weeks, and three days. Therefore, they will extensively observed Liv in the coming months. Also this is her first pregnancy, so she requires extra care. Moreover, they will also keep a check if she produces enough milk or not. Furthermore, they will observe whether her maternal instincts are working properly. These all details will help the caretakers to be cautious about Liv and her piglets well being.

seven piglets born
(Image source: Zooborn)

The caretaker Marc observed that, “At this time, there is no need to be concerned. It appears to be a natural mother.” They have separated the mother from the piglets for a brief span in order to give them enough rest.

Diet of the Piglets

For the next three weeks, the piglets will drink from their mother, after which they will partially switch to solid food: piglet pellets. “These gentle giants aren’t choosy when it comes to food. Marc is aware that they enjoy practically everything. “However, as caretakers, we keep a close eye on what they eat so that the piglets grow up healthy and strong.” After a year, they are adults.

“The black-spotted piglets will most likely be outside for a time next week, but they will stay inside for the next few days,” Marc says. Those who want to observe the piglets can stay in the indoor housing on the Boerenerf in ‘DierenPark Amersfoort.’

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