Sally, The Mermaid Cat Recovers After Being Shot in Head

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Sally, the mermaid cat was three months old when shot in the head and left for dead in a nearby park in 2013. The shot in the head left the cat with a disability. However, her owner, Janez Jeretic did not let his cat’s disability take away the charm of life.

He immediately took the cat to an emergency vet. Where the X-ray was done. The scans revealed that she was paraplegic as a result of her injuries. Moreover, she would never be able to walk again.


The cat owner did not feel disheartened by this. Instead he believed that “I want people to see Sally the same way I see her, as this beautiful magical creature who has suffered a lot but is now very happy with her life.”

Sally became an internet sensation, when her pictures were shared on Instagram. Sally, who is now nine years old, has become an internet celebrity, posing in her light blue furry tail and her specially constructed wheelchair on a daily basis.

Janez got the idea of creating a mermaid costume when one day a few friends of his came over and were alarmed by Sally’s incapacity to walk. Janez drew the tail on paper and had it stitched together by a friend.

He takes extra care of Sally, by being around her. He also mentioned how he keeps things at a distance so the cat does not get stuck while moving around. “I have to make sure I empty her bladder three times a day and I make sure she has enough room to move around without getting stuck.

He also believes that pets with special needs do need extra care, and they also make their life much better. He said, “Disabled pets might need a little extra work from you, but they are amazing companions and will for sure add some magical moments to your life.”

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