Rhino Calf Welcomed at British Zoo

A rhino calf has been welcomed with open arms at the Cotswold Wildlife Park & Gardens. Moreover, she is the first White Rhino calf born at the zoo in 2022. The zoo staff decided to name her Queenie. This was in honor Queen Elizabeth’s Platinum Jubilee. A platinum jubilee is the seventieth anniversary for anything. In this case, it has been seventy years since the Queen of England was crowned.

Rhino calf born at British zoo
(Image Source: Zooborns)

Queenie is the fifth rhino taken in by the zoo. Reggie Heyworth feels “very lucky” that yet another rhino has been born at the zoo. Furthermore, Heyworth says that all of their rhinos are named after special people. Of course, naming the new rhino ‘Elizabeth’ would have been too obvious. Therefore, they named her ‘Queenie’ instead. Anyway, the zoo staff believes this a perfect name for the rhino.


Zooborns reports that naming animals after royalty is a Cotswold tradition. Of course, rhinos are not the only one being named after royalty. One of the Bactrian camels at the zoo is named ‘Louis’. Furthermore, the camel was named after Prince Louis of Cambridge. This was because both the camel and its namesake were born on the same day.

rhino calf British zoo
(Image Source: Zooborns)

Rhinos are one of the world’s oldest mammals. In fact, their earliest records date back cave paintings thousands of years old. While they used to once roam the earth without a single worry in the world, their numbers are under great danger. Poaching and habitat loss is an enormous threat to them. Their horns are a hot item on the black market. Therefore, this motivates many with evil intent to poach them.

As a result, many rhinos live inside zoos and national parks. This means there are few rhinos which roam in the wild. However, many relief efforts are returning good results in favor of the rhinos. Still, a lot more needs to be done in order to save their numbers.


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