Rescued Dog Miraculously Survived 12 Days in Badger Hole

Freda the lost dog miraculously survived even after a 12 days ordeal stuck down a badger hole. His incredible story stunned the nation when it was aired last month, and even her veterinarian was taken aback as he had never seen anything like it in his 30 years of career.

“I’ve been a vet for almost 30 years, but Freda’s story is one of the most extraordinary I’ve ever heard,” said Brian, the clinical director at Blacks Vets.

Rescued dog
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Border terrier Freda became stuck underground after darting down the hole during a walk. This incident horrified the owner,Victoria Hogan. Therefore, she spent the following eight days camping out in the woods outside Birmingham’s Lickey Hills Country Park. She did this in hope for her pet dog’s safe return.

Freda was discovered collapsed on the side of the road by three students after a 12-day wait. Immediately, Freda was sent to Blacks Vets in Dudley, West Midlands, for emergency treatment. Now, Freda is doing well. Victoria said, “She was admitted to Blacks for treatment for two days and then released to be reunited with her brother Bert and the rest of the family, which was obviously a joyous occasion.”

Interestingly, Victoria, who also works at the same veterinary clinic as her husband, said: “I waited for Freda for eight days in the hopes that she would suddenly reappear.”

Victoria also talked about how the clinic helped her in saving Freda. When Freda was brought to the clinic she was very weak. However the emergency treatment given to her saved her life. “She was very weak and bedraggled but she was alive, so we rushed her to Blacks Vets 24/7 emergency hospital. They were so supportive and accommodating from the moment it happened,” said Victoria.

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