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Remarkable Rescue of Animals at the Ukrainian Zoo

remarkable rescue of animals

Feldman Ecopark were facing the likelihood of having to euthanize their surviving animals due to a dire scenario. However the residents there have made efforts for the remarkable rescue of animals.

After the Russian forces shelled and bombed the area. It killed animals and also destroyed enclosures. A video by the Ecopark was picked up by news sources all over the world. The video garnered international and local support for the park’s fight.


Within a few hours the work began on evacuating the park’s surviving animals. Since then it has continued. The employees have even driven some animals such as kangaroos and tapirs to safety in their vans.

remarkable rescue of animals
(Image source: Facebook)

Earlier, many animals had been evacuated from the park. However, some animals such as huge cats and apes, required far more planning and assistance. Therefore, more efforts are being made to rescue these animals.

On April 7th, despite the threat of additional shelling, employees spent seven hours rescuing the animals. They relocated animals from the Ecopark area. Monkeys, lions, tigers, and jaguars were among the species rescued and relocated to new enclosures at Kharkiv Zoo.

The destruction has had both physical and mental effects on animals. Which has killed many animals at Ecopark. Therefore, the community responded to the zoo’s plight.

Feldman posted on Facebook, “It’s terribly sad but the main thing is that we have [the rescue operation] that not only inspires hope, but also leaves no doubt that everything will be fine.”

Apart from the rescue efforts, the park has also been involved in humanitarian outreach. They provide packed supplies to the Kharkiv residents throughout the city.

Other charitable organizations are also coming forward to lend support in this hour of crisis in Ukraine. The authorities are hopeful that more animals will be rescued before they get killed in the destruction.

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