Puppy born with six legs, four testicles, and an extra penis beats the odds

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A puppy with six legs, four testicles, two colons, two bladders, two pelvises, and even a second penis has been born.

This is the story of Raga, a German shepherd, who was not anticipated to live past puppyhood. In similar cases like these the animal eventually dies very early on.


However he has now overcome all odds. He is a healthy seven-month-old dog after undergoing a series of complex procedures to remove the additional limbs.

puppy born with six legs , 4 testicles

Raga was taken to VCA Advanced Veterinary Care Center in Fishers, Indiana, late last year as a rescue puppy.

“He really shouldn’t be alive, he was such a mess,” hospital manager Anita Horne said.

His body was having troubles operating right away. Faeces was being sent to his second penis, necessitating the need of strong antibiotics as he was falling sick.

The poor animal on the other hand, had no idea what was going on and proceeded to play and run around the hospital, his conjoined legs flopping behind him.

When Raga’s life expectancy was exceeded, surgeons devised a strategy to keep him alive.

Dr. Jae Tobias, a veterinarian, and surgeon Dr. Nicolas Vecchio, a surgeon, performed their first operation on Raga in December to remove his extra limbs and pelvis.

After the surgery went well, the animal veterinarians removed his unneeded internal parts. This also including his crooked penis and urinary tract.

“You just exercise the skills that you’ve learnt and follow the principles of surgery,” said Dr. Tobias, who had never faced an animal with two penises before.

Raga has made a full recovery and will undergo a third surgery to remove the two remaining testicles that are lodged in his abdomen.


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