Pregnant Hammerhead Shark Corpse washes Up on Pompano Beach

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Last Wednesday morning, beachgoers discovered the 11-foot, 500-pound female shark’s body on Pompano Beach at 12th Avenue and 14th Street in Southeast Florida.

Beachgoers were stunned when they discovered the body of a massive hammerhead shark that had washed up on the strand. Moreover, the crowd gathered to watch as a construction crew arrived with heavy machinery to remove the shark. The crew moved the shark out of the water with a Bobcat.

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The founder of the American Shark Conservancy, Hannah Medd talked about this with CNN and said, this for them was a “pretty rare event.” She further explained, “Every year, we get a call for one to four that have washed back up.”

The Pompano Beach owner also talked about this incident. Kevin Nosal said the crew used a Bobcat to move the shark because they didn’t want it to go back into the water. He further bemoaned the death of the hammerhead shark. He said, “You never want to see an animal this enormous sitting on the shore. It’s a female, therefore when a female passes, it’s always tragic.”

The Shark Conservancy also shared a disturbing picture of an unborn pup out from the shark. This indicated that the female shark was pregnant. The shark’s unborn pups were splayed out on the sand in an unnerving photo provided by a local shark conservation organization.

Later the team obtained samples of the beached beast, which weighed about 500 pounds. The ASH discovered a hook in the hammerhead’s jaws during their investigation. This indicated that it had been captured and released by a fisherman. Therefore, this could have been the reason that the creature died of shock and washed up on the beach. However, catch and release fishing is currently legal in Florida.

The highly endangered status of great hammerhead sharks stems in part from the species’ vulnerability after being caught and released.

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