Post hurricane Ida, a lost Rooster shows up at Popeye’s and refuses to leave.

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rooster shows up at popeyes

Latoya Giles was sitting in line at a Popeyes in South Louisiana’s drive-thru in early March when she noticed something peculiar. A rooster crossed in front of her automobile and proceeded to stroll to the restaurant’s front door. The lost rooster shows up at Popeye’s and decides not to leave.

Giles had heard rooster stories from her coworkers at the hospital across the street, where she works as a travelling nurse. But It wasn’t until she saw him that she believed a live rooster had taken up residence in the Slidell Popeyes parking lot.


It just casually stood by the door of the restaurant and looked inside.

Rooster Finds New Friends!


The mysterious rooster showed up at Popeyes in September. This was right after Hurricane Ida, and refused to leave, according to the staff there. They searched the neighborhood for the rooster’s owner, but no one claimed him. The staff tenderly adopted him and named him Rocco.

Rocco has become a mascot for the branch, with personnel feeding and caring for him on a regular basis. They even built him his own coop. Rocco may have picked an unusual family, but he appeared to be happy.

Giles is now met by the sight of Rocco parading around the parking lot, surveying his kingdom, every morning on her way to work. Rocco’s popularity continues to rise.

“Things have gotten a lot better,” “Everyone wants to see the chicken,” “Giles remarked.”

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