Polar Bears Return to Amneville Zoo

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Polar bears have made a comeback to the Amneville zoo. This comes as cool news as polar bears were absent from the zoo since 2020. The bears are Henk and Akiak. They weigh 600 and 700 kg respectively. Furthermore, Henk is from the Netherlands whereas Akiak is from Germany. The two bears are actually half-brothers.

Polar bears sky
(Image Source: Pixabay/Three-shots)

The two bears are being prepared to get used to each other. Therefore, the zoo is prepping them for a specific contact period. This will happen in a brand new enclosure as they are welcomed into the zoo. The bears will be one of the 18 species introduced into the Arctic Zone. Other animals will include wolves and otters. According to Delano, they can be viewed from an educational walkway. It will be due to open next autumn.


Polar bears are carnivores. Therefore, they will only consume meat as a part of their diet. They prefer fish and even smaller animals as their food. They are the largest terrestrial carnivore. In simpler terms, they are the biggest carnivores which choose to roam the land only. Moreover, they have been known to attack humans. This tough bear can eliminate its prey with only a single swipe of its paws. Thus, caution is strictly advised in the event of a polar bear encounter.

Polar bear swimming
(Image Source: Pixabay/JuniorMp)

Despite being terrestrial animals, they are excellent swimmers as well. Some bears are even known to swim great distances. Moreover, their feet are slightly webbed. Therefore, this gives them an added edge when swimming in the water. Of course, their thick coat of fur shields them against the harsh climate of their habitat.

These bears only dwell in areas which are extremely cold all year round. This includes the North and South poles, Canada and even the island Svalbard. In fact, the polar bear is of great cultural significance in Canada. It is featured on the back of their two dollar coins. However, a special millennium edition of the coin featured three polar bears.  

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