Plantation of Sunflower and Lavender can Save Garden Species

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The RSPB is taking preventive measures to reverse the decline of common garden species. They have asked the British public to plant sunflowers and lavender in their gardens this spring.

According to the bird charity, sunflowers produce a magnificent variety of seeds that linger from late summer to early fall and are particularly popular with birds. Moreover, they also recommend cornfield annuals, foxgloves, and lavender. Which are high in nectar for bees and also among the better pollinator-friendly plants.


For this reason the charity has launched a “nature on your doorstep” campaign to raise awareness. They believe that UK gardens and balconies encompass 4,000 square kilometers. Which is more than double the area of Greater London. Therefore, these interconnected habitats may be able to help animals such as starlings, bumblebees, and hedgehogs reverse their fortunes.

plantation of sunflower and lavender
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All of these species were once common. However, habitat loss and the changing nature of agriculture have put them in jeopardy.

Since the mid-1970s, starling numbers have dropped by two-thirds in the United Kingdom, half of the country’s bumblebee species have declined, and hedgehog populations have plummeted from 30 million to an estimated 1 million in England, Wales, and Scotland.

The RSPB requested the people of Britain “To play your part, the best and easiest place to start is to grow more plants. They provide varied, healthy food sources, and offer shelter and nesting spots.” Moreover, in the recent survey it has been found that three-quarters of people are now doing at least something in their garden or outside space to help wildlife.

The gardening experts have agreed with the RSPB about the plantation of sunflowers and lavender. They said that the sunflower seeds are great for pollination, and also a great food source for birds. Moreover, lavender is also an amazing smelling herb for bees and butterflies.

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