Pet Abandonment Increases due to Rising Cost of Living in UK

The number of abandoned dogs in the United Kingdom has increased since the beginning of this year. Pet owners have claimed that they are no longer able to care for their pets due to rising living costs. Abandonment of pets is common all throughout the world. The reasons for it vary, including personal and financial reasons.

According to the BBC, the UK-based Hope Rescue Center has had its busiest four months since January, with about 300 dogs accommodated. Which is nearly double even on pre-pandemic levels.

Pet abandonment increases
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Sara Rosser told Radio Wales Breakfast that they are still seeing a big number of dogs who have been “deliberately abandoned” and are arriving at the organization as strays. While some owners are bringing their pets because they are in a dire situation.

“We’re still seeing quite a high number of dogs that look to be purposefully abandoned that are coming into us as strays,” Ms Rosser told Radio Wales Breakfast. She further added that the charity received 20 to 30 calls a day. The pet owners said that their financial situation has changed. 

However, the charity itself is struggling to keep up with escalating costs. This is majorly due to the large number of sick and elderly dogs in their care.

“Our vet costs are usually a major expense for us; right now, they’re between £25,000 and £30,000 a month,” Ms Rosser explained. She further said, “Our utilities were roughly £4,000 a month last year, but with the current increases, we expect them to be around 30% higher this year, so we’re expecting around £60,000 more for our utilities.”

In 2020, (RSPCA) estimates that 1 million calls from the public will be received every 30 seconds. Dogs and cats accounted for the majority of linked pet abandonment occurrences. Meanwhile, the RSPCA claims to have received 57,000 animal cruelty complaints in the same year.

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