Paignton Zoo Plans To Revive Prehistoric Species

The Paignton Zoo claims to have brought back a prehistoric species. This prehistoric species is a dinosaur-bird hybrid. The zoo accomplished this by using fossilized dinosaur cells. Moreover, other genetic material was sourced from a female hamerkop. This attempt went on to become a surprising success. Thus, a giant egg was laid by a female on 1st April 2022. The egg has been inspected by the zoo’s veterinary team. They have given the go ahead to move forth with the project. Therefore, the egg is viable to hatch anytime soon. The zoo is gearing up for this impressive breakthrough in the field of science. Hopefully, this will not end up like a famous movie that packs a similar plot.

Prehistoric species nest
(Image Source: Paignton Zoo)

According to the Paignton Zoo, the massive egg will hatch in about 30 days. Once the egg hatches, the zookeepers will take care of this specimen. The zookeepers will closely co-ordinate with the zoo’s vet team. Therefore, they will closely monitor the hybrid’s behavior. Furthermore, its growth will be tracked as well.


This hybrid species will borrow some features from its dinosaur parent whereas the remaining genes will be taken from its hamerkop parent. Therefore, it will be a combination of both a dinosaur and a hamerkop. This project aims to blend the highly social nature of the hamerkop with the exceptional eyesight of its dinosaur counterpart.

The Jurassic period is full of fascinating wildlife. It is truly incredible how different the world was millions of years ago. Being prehistoric animals, we could only determine their appearance from their remains alone. Moreover, it is worth noting that we have come a long way since digging dinosaur bones.

We wish the Paignton Zoo the very best of luck with reintroducing these kinds of species. Hopefully, it will pave the way to reviving more kinds of extinct species

NOTE: The article above is an April Fool’s joke. Therefore, there is no need to take it seriously.


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