Paignton Zoo Find New Food Source for Animals

The Paignton zoo has found a new food source for animals. This is ‘green waste’ which is normally referred to as ‘browse’ by the zoo. According to the zoo’s official press release, browse is simply vegetation that is made of leaves, twigs and branches. This food suits a large variety of its animals as it is rich in nutrients.

Paignton zoo giraffe eating browse
(Image Source: Paignton Zoo)

The zoo has been collaborating with the National Trust Greenway Site to locate this new food source. Catherine Mortimer is delighted to work with Paignton zoo. While the project has been in the pipeline for quite a while now, it is already turning out to be ‘mutually beneficial’. Catherine Mortimer is the Deputy Curator of Botanics at Greenway. Interestingly enough, the National Greenway Trust used to be renowned writer Agatha Christie’s home.


The project to find a new, healthy food source for animals has turned out to be a massive hit. Stuart Parr states that a large variety of animals feed on the browse. Orangutans, rhinos and giraffes are probably a few examples of animals that feast of this new food source. In fact, he says the browse is so popular with the animals that it is challenging to keep up with demand. Stuart Parr is the Senior Keeper of Mammals at the Paignton Zoo.

Paignton zoo giraffe browse
(Image Source: Paignton Zoo)

Of course, growing the browse is no easy task. Ashley Brent says that the mature gardens at Greenway “need a lot of care and maintenance” in order to remain healthy. Moreover, a good amount of care can even give “breathtaking” views for visitors as well.

Brent is grateful to the relationship established with the Paignton Zoo. Not only does this help the animals, but this reduces the waste at Greenway as well. Therefore, it benefits both sides in the process. Normally, the waste would have to be burned or even turned into compost as a last resort. However, it is put to good use in this case. Ashley Brent is the Head Gardener at Greenway and Compton Castle.


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