Orphaned Mountain Lion Cub Rescued by Hikers

Last Tuesday, for the first time hikers noticed the starving mountain lion cub. After that the wildlife biologists set up cameras and patrolled the area every day to save her.

Finally the cub was discovered by the teams and immediately sent to the Oakland Zoo. In the zoo the cub was given much-needed medical treatment and rehabilitation.


According to the Zoo veterinarians, the four to five months old female cub was discovered in the nick of time when she arrived at the Zoo’s veterinary hospital about 3 p.m. on Sunday. The cub was in grave medical condition at that time.

Mountain lion cub rescued
(Image source: Oaklandzoo)

Dr. Alex Herman said, “based on her initial exam, it appears she hasn’t eaten in weeks. She is excruciatingly thin. To survive, her body resorted to consuming its own muscle mass. She is also suffering from extreme dehydration, and her temperature was so low it couldn’t even be read.”

The zoo veterinarians named the female cub as Rose. She weighed only 8.8 pounds, despite the fact that a healthy female mountain lion of her age should weigh around 30 pounds. This was very alarming for the vets.

Mountain lion cub rescued
(Image source: Oaklandzoo)

Now, Rose is receiving round-the-clock care at the Oakland Zoo. She is being monitored daily with blood tests, as well as her weight and other vitals. Initially she was covered in fleas and ticks in addition to malnutrition and dehydration. Her red blood cell count was severely low. Moreover, the vets were of the view that if Rose’s red blood cell count stays low then she will receive a blood transfusion from one of the Zoo’s previously rescued mountain lions. Who is now a permanent resident and fully grown healthy adult.

The care team is bottle feeding her in hope that she gains strength and recovers in the coming weeks.

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