Orangutans Share Warm Moment with a Woman’s Baby

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Some orangutans have made the news. They displayed great curiosity behind the glass when a mother walked over. She had her newborn baby with her as well. Moreover, one of the orangutans is a mother herself. Thus, she must have been amazed to see humans mimic similar behavior. This took place at the Kansas Zoo.

Orangutan baby
(Image Source: Pixabay)

The mother who had this interesting encounter was an employee at the zoo herself. She simply happened to bring her family along herself. Of course, this included her baby as well. Many would be touched by this warming activity. However, the interaction was a lot more soulful than most would believe.


No doubt, this event displays how intelligent primates truly are. National Geographic confirms that orangutans are highly intelligent. Moreover, they are close relatives of human beings. Considering the news, this fact seems really interesting. In fact, they even use leaves to shield themselves from rain. Furthermore, they may be the only animals to use some kind of umbrella.

On the other hand, orangutans are not very social. In fact, they are less social than other primates. Males are loners. They make loud calls to caution other animals to stay away. Meanwhile, mothers are more social. Mother orangutans share a strong bond with their offspring. Babies will stay six to seven years with their mothers. After that, they will develop skills to survive on their own.

newborn baby orangutan
(Image Source: Kansas City Zoo)

The primate is found only in two locations. These are the forests of Sumatra and Borneo. Their name literally means “person of the forest” in Malay. Their strong arms are well suited to swing from tree to tree. Moreover, they have a large arm span. Males can stretch their arms to 7 feet. Of course, this length is from fingertip to fingertip.

As mentioned earlier, orangutans dwell in only two locations. Therefore, their numbers are low. Furthermore, they face great threats from habitat loss due to deforestation. The world will have to make a powerful effort to save their numbers.

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