Muscular kangaroo shocks people! Seems like he has “Never Missed An Arm Day.”

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People have been stunned by the size of a kangaroo who has clearly never missed an arm day.

The video, which was shared on Reddit, shows two wildlife officials paying a visit to the roo, who is definitely attempting to impress his guests.


His veins explode out of his arms as he flexes his arms in the traditional’most muscular’ bodybuilding posture.

One man in the video acknowledges the obvious: “Man, you’re a giant kangaroo.”

The kangaroo then grabs his arm and appears to be about to kick him – this is terrifying stuff.

One Reddit user explained why kangaroos can be so frightening.

People Are Shocked Over Jacked Kangaroo Who’s ‘Never Skipped An Arm Day’

“The video begins with a handshake, evolves to an embrace, and suddenly cuts off, just as the kangaroo was about to kick him to death,” they added.

They appear to take pleasure in deluding people into a false sense of security.

The users’ typical reaction to the roo’s appearance was one of utter wonder and shock.

“Kangaroo jacked,” one person said.

“Any monster that walks on two legs is completely horrifying,” added another.

One person shared his knowledge of kangaroos and enlightened us as to why it looks as if this kangaroo appears to be exercising weights every day. He said it is actually the older male kangaroo which gets very muscular.

It becomes more difficult for them to hop as they become older, so they sustain their body mass with their arms while trotting, and their motion is similar to push-ups, resulting in gigantic arm muscles.”

Consider completing a push-up each time you take a step. We’d all look like Popeye in this place.

Every time a new video showing off kangaroos’ power and dominant nature arises, people tend to be impressed and, quite bluntly, creeped out.

Footage of famed Australian cinematographer Malcolm Douglas and his up-close encounter with a kangaroo went viral again lately, perplexing Reddit users.

As one user put it: “Sorry, but I’m not attempting to kiss a kangaroo who has just swung on me. However, that dog appeared to be having a good time.”

“What a strange f*g thing,” says another.

One user seems to feel sorry for the roo, who was presumably as perplexed as the comment section itself.

They explained: “I’m honestly not sure where I stand on this person. He’ll be fighting me one minute and kissing me on all fours the next.”

Watch Pepe help his hooman on his laptop!

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