Mistreated Horse Rescued From Cruel ‘Walking Show’ Industry

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A poor horse has been rescued from the cruel ‘walking show’ industry in Tennessee, America. The horse is now finally spending his life in comfort after the rescue. The animal was horribly mistreated and neglected by his previous handlers. This was done to perform the “Big Lick.” Moreover, it is a move where the horses lift their legs high in a strut. The big lick might not look all that bad, but the way how the horses are forced to achieve it makes it far worse.

Thankfully, the Humane Society of the United States rescued the horse, who is named Pride. The Society made sure Pride’s sick and twisted handler’s got prosecuted. Soon, Pride got transported to the Black Beauty Ranch in Texas. The horse lives his life peacefully there. Thus, he does not have to worry about anyone mistreating him.


What the horse was put through is highly unforgivable. All for a ribbon, the horse has to endure extremely harsh treatment. This treatment is far too hurtful to state here. Therefore, the details to the whole rescue are available on the Animal Rescue Site. Furthermore, it is highly likely that Pride has been traumatized by the cruel treatment. He may never forget what he had been put through.

The Humane Society has been pushing for the better treatment of horses. They seek the end of all cruel practices that victimize these poor animals which have powered our economies over several millennia. Having been helped shaped America, the Humane Society wishes that everyone could do more when it comes to helping horses.  

In order to prevent further mistreatment, the Prevent All Soring Tactics Act (PACT) has been tabled again in the US Senate. Moreover, the Act will amend the 1970 Horse Protection Act by addressing all the problems of that old law. Hopefully, once PACT comes into force, it will prevent the immoral maltreatment of horses.

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