‘Miracle Liquid’: Stingless Bees Make Medical Honey

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Native stingless bees in the Peruvian Amazon have turned out to be one of the miracles of nature. These bees are helping the environment and local people in a number of ways. The community is trying to raise 175 different species of these stingless bees. The honey produced by these bees is widely known as ‘Miracle Liquid’.

The name ‘Miracle Liquid’ is given because of its unique properties. Their honey has antibiotic and anti-inflammatory properties, which are extremely beneficial in wound healing. The natural chemicals in the honey wards off fungal and microbial growth.

miracle liquid
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In the ancient Egyptian era, honey was used as a natural antibiotic for wound dressing. Moreover, some people widely used honey as a balm. The mixture of honey and beeswax was also used to treat different skin conditions, and upper respiratory infections.

Apart from this, the stingless bees also play an important part in generating income for the beekeepers. In recent years scientists have suggested keeping the wild bees alive in a sustainable way. They can be a source of income for the beekeepers, and also provide pollination benefits.

The Meliponine bees are the main pollinators for many wild and tropical plants. Furthermore, it is easier to extract honey from them because they do not sting.

Biochemist Rosa Vasquez Espinoza has collaborated with scientist Cesar Delgado to research more about these wild bees. “Stingless bees are bringing life back to the Amazon, providing medicinal honey, income, and pollination benefits to a region in need of help.”

Delgado has educated hundreds of families at Peruvian Amazon about how to raise these stingless bees. He wanted the beekeepers to establish a steady income for themselves. He believes that these bees are helping in preserving the life and health of people in the forest. Moreover, Researchers are looking forward to do in-depth research on the biochemical properties of this medical honey.

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