Mexican Gray Wolf Population Growth Slows

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In the 1970s, the Mexican Gray Wolf was listed as an endangered species. Moreover, at that time only seven wolves remained. A captive breeding program was started at that time to increase its population. The program was a success. Therefore the wolf population increased for the past six years. Brady McGee, Coordinator of that program said, “We are happy to see the wild population of Mexican wolves continue to grow year after year.” However, despite this increase, it is being said that the growth was tempered because of higher pup mortality. According to the wildlife manager, less than 40 percent of pups survived by the end of the year 2021.

Mexican Gray Wolf
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Another aspect that the authorities are working on is saving the livestock from the wild Gray Wolf. Rebecca Dow, State Rep communicated this concern to McGee through a letter this month. She said, “Ranching is a way of life in our district and the release of these wolves without proper management is taking away from our community’s right to earn a living.”


In response to this , McGee assured her that measures will be taken to minimize conflicts with livestock. He said, “The service and our partners remain focused on recovery through improving the genetic health of the wild population and reducing threats, while also working to minimize conflicts with livestock.”

Currently, there are about 380 Mexican wolves in more than 60 zoos in Mexico and Arizona. More efforts need to be made in order to increase the number. One of the Wild Earth Guardians, Chris Smith said, “The disappointing lack of significant growth is a sign that this recovery paradigm is not working.” He also talked about Mexican Gray wolves protection, “need better protection and more room to roam and re-establish themselves. U.S. Fish and Wildlife continues to flout science and bow to political pressure.”

They are now making efforts to come up with a new rule that will govern management of Mexican wolves in the U.S.

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