Many Rejected Horses Saved By Rescue Organization

Over a dozen rejected horses have been saved by the Roanchar Ranch Draft Rescue. This rescue organization specializes in saving draft horses which have been rejected. Draft horses are working horses which you see perform a variety of jobs. One such example is working on farmlands. Sadly, once these horses grow old, their owners abandon them instead of letting them roam freely on their farm.

Lida Ellsworth is the founder of Roanchar Ranch Draft Rescue. She believes that after draft horses grow old, they should still be able to enjoy their lives after their ‘retirement.’ Therefore, she offers the rejected horses a second chance at life. The organization not only provides for them but also lets them roam around freely.

rejected horses rescued
(Image Source: YouTube/Good News With Gabby)

Moreover, Ellsworth states that a giant chunk of a draft horse’s life goes into performing hard labor. She believes the horses need a lot more than just simply being thrown away. Thus, they should be treated with great care and compassion. Especially given the fact that almost their entire life has gone into work.

Currently, the rescue service has adopted two horses, Harry and Louie. A sanctuary like the Roanchar Ranch Draft Rescue is great for horses with a medical condition. Additionally, Louie is a 12 year old horse coping with a medical condition. Louie has a problem with his brain and spinal cord. However, his treatment has been progressing well. As a result, the horse takes ten doses of his medicine daily.

horses rescued
(Image Source: YouTube/Good News With Gabby)

The rescue organization does all it can to inspire horses to live the remainder of their lives. The organization also holds a summer program for children. Therefore, many children can visit the sanctuary and get to learn all sorts of cool things about horses! Ellsworth notes that at times, the horses even manage to bring disadvantaged youths “out of their shell.”

Of course, those interested in helping out the sanctuary may donate them a horse or even adopt one as well.


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