Lost Dog Makes Woman’s Birthday Party More Exciting

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A woman wanted to go out on a weekend getaway with her husband. This was just in time for her birthday. Brianna Hagood and her husband Tyler decided to grab take out at their local McDonald’s. Soon, Hagood noticed a dog missing his collar. He was roaming around the parking lot.

Dog woman birthday
(Image Source: The Dodo/Brianna Hagood)

Hagood decided to save the dog because it was her birthday and she was determined to do whatever she wanted. After some convincing, Tyler got the food and then drove over to the dog. In a moment, the pup hopped in after being offered a seat. Brianna said that this “was never a decision for me. When I got out of my car, I knew I was not leaving this pup on the side of the road.”


Of course, the husband-wife duo decided to ask around about the dog before actually adopting him. Additionally, they even asked various businesses for any clues surrounding the dog. However, nobody had any details to share. Moving on, the couple stopped at a vet clinic on their way to the hotel. They wanted to confirm if the dog was microchipped. It turned out that he was not.

Soon, their next stop was Walmart to get him all of the supplies he’d need to join them on their beach weekend. They had originally been planning on bringing their new puppy with them. Therefore, they had already booked a dog-friendly room at the hotel.

Dog birthday party
(Image Source: The Dodo/Brianna Hagood)

During their stay, the puppy was meant to be surprisingly well-behaved. Furthermore, the pooch knew exactly what to do and when. Hagood loved the dog with every passing minute. Eventually, her husband would warm up to the dog real fast. After playing with the couple all day, the dog would be the guest of honor of Hagood’s birthday party. The puppy joined them for a variety of activities, including a boat ride.

Eventually, Hagood was able to find out the dog’s original family. Furthermore, they found out the dog’s name was Blu. He escaped his family’s yard when they were at work. Goodbyes are always tough, but Hagood was happy she reunited the dog with his old family.

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