Largest Ever Wildlife Crossing to Open in California

The largest ever wildlife crossing is set to open in California. The crossing will open up on earth day, which is on April 22nd.  This wildlife crossing will largely benefit California’s mountain lion population. While their numbers are relatively stable, they may face long term threats. Therefore, this project seeks to prevent that.

The project on building the crossing is being carried out by The National Wildlife Federation. The crossing will allow California’s wildlife to navigate. This will be without interference from the state’s ambitious building projects. Thus, it will allow the wildlife to co-exist peacefully.

Wildlife crossing mountain lion
(Image Source: Pixabay)

The crossing will allow the animals to freely roam. They will be able to hibernate, search for food and find potential mates. Beth Pratt states such crossings are nothing new. However, it is certainly one to watch. This is because it will be placed over one of the busiest freeways in America. Beth is the regional executive director of the federation.

Native vegetation, irrigation systems, sound walls and even light deflectors will be some features of the crossing. This will further allow the animals to have minimal disturbance. Moreover, the passage will be built on U.S 101. The freeway gets traffic of 300,000 cars every day. Joining the Wildlife Federation is the California Department of Transport. Together, they will collaborate to build the project together. The pathway will stretch 200 feet in length and 165 feet in width.

California Wildlife Crossing
(Image Source: Pixabay/schuahi)

According to the Animal Rescue Site, the funding for the whole project is $90 million. On the other hand, 60% of this funding is from private donors. The private funds will be used for the crossing. On the other hand, public funds will be used for conservation efforts. Furthermore, the crossing will be named Wallis Anneburg who donated on of the largest amounts.

However, this promising project is nothing new. Beth and her team have been planning this crossing for well over a decade now. Only now will it start bearing fruit. She says the crossing is an “unprecedented project.” Furthermore, she says that Los Angeles should be proud of this accomplishment.


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