Lamb Born With Deformed Front Legs gets home at a Five Sisters Zoo

A zoo in Scotland is known for animal rescue which is named as Five Sisters zoo. Recently they shared a post on their Facebook page about a lamb born with deformed front legs. Moreover, the zoo has offered a second chance to that young lamb.

Deformed front legs
(Image source: Fivesisterszoo/Facebook)

The zoo named the young black sheep as Oreo. The name was given because of her characteristic, small spike of white fur on her forehead.


The team headquartered in West Calder posted on their official page: “Today we were asked if we could help this little lamb, she has deformed front legs and it was questionable if it would have been kinder to put her to sleep.”

Furthermore, they also revealed how farmer William Arbuckle nurtured the little lamb in the initial days. “The farmer, William Arbuckle has nurtured her since she was born 1 week ago, and she seems to be getting stronger and can now walk a little.”

A day later, the Zoo also shared a video of Oreo trying to take steps. The zookeepers said, “She was vet checked yesterday and the good news is that her walking should improve with time. They added, “Her condition has most likely been caused by her being in her mothers womb for too long. This has caused tightening of her front leg tendons.”

Deformed front legs
(Image source: Fivesisterszoo/Facebook)

The zoo authorities have given her all specialist medical care which can help the little lamb. They are also hopeful that Oreo will soon be able to join their other two sheep later this spring.

Five Sisters Zoo originated as a garden center for homeless pets. The pets that were either no longer wanted or could no longer be cared for were given a home here. It started back in 2005 and so far it has sheltered over 165 different animal species from around Scotland.

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