Lady Gaga’s Dog Walker Shot

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Lady Gaga’s dog walker has described how he was shot while attempting to protect the singer’s pups, saying he instantly realized his lung was leaking and he was ‘losing more and more breath.’

Ryan Fischer was out walking Lady Gaga’s French bulldogs, Koji, Gustav, and Miss Asia. Two men suddenly opened fire on him. Gustav and Koji were kidnapped. They were then handed over to cops, while a terrified Miss Asia fled but was rescued by cops.


Fischer has since testified before a grand jury about what happened, with previously sealed evidence . He gave this in October 2021, which Rolling Stone recently received. He outlined how two men ‘threw’ him onto the street and choked him.

Fischer fought back with a bottle of champagne he had recently acquired. He eventually broke free as he attempted to reach out to Koji.

“The dog barked at me, and I grabbed him, and then the man, the gunman shot me as I reached,” he added. He then added that the two men managed to capture Gustav and Koji before he fainted.

“I tried to call for help right away. Then I noticed I was bleeding out of my lung and losing oxygen at a rapid rate.”

“And another dog, Asia, came to my side, and I tried to project as calmly as possible to get people out of their houses to call for aid.”

Fischer’s ‘brachial plexus and collar bone area’ were hit by the bullet, which entered his upper right thorax.

“I was reaching forward, trying to grasp Koji when it went through my lung,” he explained.

He was brought to the hospital. The top third of his lung, as well as a part from the bottom, had to be removed. Fischer stated that despite the treatment, he still has ‘breathing troubles.’

Before arresting James Jackson, 18, Jaylin White, 19, and Lafayette Whaley, 27, with attempted murder, the Los Angeles Police Department used mobile phone data. They also used surveillance footage to locate down the suspects.

Harold White, White’s father, and Jennifer McBride, 50, have been charged with accessory to attempted murder.

The evidence reveals the officers were unaware Fischer worked for Gaga. They were driven by “the enormous value of the breed of dogs,” according to the LAPD.

White and McBride have pleaded not guilty to being accessory to the crime and are still being held in detention.

lady gaga
Credit: Instagram/@valleyofthedogs

Lady Gaga’s Support

Lady Gaga issued a $500,000 prize for the canines’ safe return in the aftermath of the tragedy. Greatly applauding Fischer for his bravery.

In an Instagram post, she wrote: “Ryan Fischer, I will always adore you because you put your life on the line for our family. You’ll always be a hero.”

Fischer said that lady gaga has been very supportive throughout his recovery journey.

He stayed at her house for months while he was recovering. His family and friends constantly flew over to see him.

He said that after some time he wanted to heal on his own, as it was also part of his catholic thinking.

For some people it might be hard to grasp but he said that lady gaga understood him.

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