Koalas Listed As Endangered Species

The koala has been listed as endangered. This breaking news is a shock to many worldwide. Sadly, this does not seem surprising given the current stance on the environment. This serious news was stated by Sussan Ley. She is the Commonwealth Environment Minister. This might mean a ‘make or break’ phase for the koalas.

Koalas Australia
(Image Source: Pixabay/Pexels)

The koala has always been an iconic animal for many. Moreover, it is Australia’s national animal. Therefore, it is part and parcel of all things Australian. As a matter of fact, it is our very own namesake! This shocking listing should be seen as a much-needed call to action. Thus, we will have to band together in order to pull this precious animal out of danger.


Koala’s have been victim to a variety of problems. Mandurah Mail claims that the koala population has declined by more than fifty percent. This happened over the past twenty years. This alone is a grim statistic concerning the poor national icon. Their habitats were wiped out and widespread disease continued to be a problem for koalas. Additionally, the wildfires of 2020 made matters far worse for the animal.

Koalas endangered
(Image Source: Pixabay/pen_ash)

WWF supported Stuart Blanch remarks the event as a sad day. Previously, he had been alerting the Australian government to act in order to save its national species. Similarly, he believes now is the perfect time to stop turning a blind eye to the koala’s plight.

The giant panda was saved from the verge of extinction. However, will we succeed this time when it comes to the koala? Only with our collective efforts can we hope to save them. Every person will have to contribute in any way they can. Therefore, they will have to play their part in saving this adorable animal. The panda was saved largely due to the efforts by the Chinese government. However, the Australian government will have to step up their game. Similarly, it will have to spearhead many conservation efforts to save its own national species. Hopefully then, can the koala move away from ‘endangered’ status.


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