Kind Teen Rescues Orphaned Squirrels During Hurricane Ida

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Hurricane Ida had struck the United States of America in 2021. It was a category 4 Atlantic hurricane. Moreover, it was the second most damaging to hit the country. The storm had costed damages more than US$ 50.1 billion. One sweet teen amid the mayhem decided to rush some orphaned squirrels to safety.

teen saves squirrels
(Image Source: The Dodo/Bailee Villavaso)

15 year old Bailee Villavaso lived in New Orleans with her family. They were forced to evacuate the city. However, Bailee decided to rescue some rodents she ran into. Much like her, their lives were in danger. She had to work out a way to save them. Time was running short.


It all began when Bailee spotted a nest on the ground. Of course, the hurricane had tossed it from the tree. There were three baby squirrels in the nest. Sadly, their mother had gone missing. One can only assume the worst in such a case. It was at that time Bailee decided to save them. The Dodo has confirmed these facts.

Bailee immediately ran home. She later went to rescue the rodents with a towel and a box. The girl dried them with a towel. Then, she gently placed them in a box with bedding. She said the animals cuddled for warmth. They were also lethargic after all that had happened.

Kind teen squirrels
(Image Source: The Dodo/Bailee Villavaso)

However, her rescue did not stop there. She reached out to a family member who is a vet. She contacted them to learn how to care for the squirrels. The squirrels regained their energy after 24 hours. They would run around and play. In a matter of time, she became their adoptive mother. My Modern Met stated this claim.

Bailee named the squirrels. Alvin, Simon and Theodore were their names. She named them after the main characters of Alvin and the Chipmunks. She took the rodents with her during her evacuation. Obviously, they are with her after Bailee relocated.

Currently, Bailee is looking for an animal shelter specifically for them. She realizes that this is a job fit for a professional animal care-giver. Therefore, she is doing her best to find the squirrels a new home. Hopefully, her hard work will benefit her rescue animals in the end.

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