Jinx the Cat is the new Mayor of a town called Hell

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Jinx the cat became mayor of Hell. Credit: Instagram/@bigfootjinx
image source :@bigfootjinx (instagram)

Jinx, a cute black cat became the mayor of Hell for a day. The town of Hell in Michigan, which has a population of only 72 people, invites people to apply to be Mayor of Hell for a day or even an hour.

Jinx, a cute cat with over 700,000 TikTok and 416, 000 Instagram followers, is the most recent to accept the position.


Jinx the cat lives with her owner Mia in California, where she was rescued in 2018.

Mia noticed that the kitty had unusually huge eyes and paws as she grew older, but she was generally robust and healthy.

“She had enormous eyes, and as she grew older, her eyes didn’t become smaller,” she told Newsweek. “I also observed she had big feet.” She doesn’t have any illnesses, and the veterinarian says she’s in good health.

“It’s just that she was born with these birth problems.” She’s also a touch clunky and not as agile as other cats. It took her a year to figure out how to stand on her feet.”

Due to her cat’s fame, Mia requested her followers on social media if there was any way for the cute feline to become mayor.

She was told that anyone may become mayor of Hell for a day for a $100 price – or a $25 cost if they only want to be mayor for an hour.

“Jinx is going to be mayor in three days,” Mia explained on Twitch last Thursday.

“She also wants large paintings of herself and a social media following that is required,” she laughed.

“We adore our in-person and remote mayors,” remarked Reverend Vonn of Hell, who declared Jinx’s mayorship over the phone.

“They get to have one Hell of a good good day and then get the dreaded phone call to be impeached at the end of it.”

She was sworn in as mayor at 4:00 p.m. on Sunday, April 24th, and was ‘impeached’ later that day.

Jinx received a t-shirt, mug, and a mayoral proclamation certificate as part of the transaction. In Hell, she will be given her own square-inch of territory.

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